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Yuzen Floral 3D Case

Yuzen Floral 3D Case

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This is the eight installment in a series we're calling Origins. It of course has nothing to do with the X-Men comic series.

Striking, bold and intense color patterns with gold overlay are silkscreened by hand on Japanese Chiyogami Paper, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper. Floral designs are the most prominent patterns found in Chiyogami Yuzen Paper designs. Colorful flower petals provide a bright and lively palette all highlighted with a gold accent for a beautifully finished paper.

Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper applications are boundless. Originally used for paper dolls and decoration of tins and boxes, Yuzen Paper has now found its way into a variety of arts, crafts and design applications such as: collage, bookbinding, origami, jewelry, home decor and more.

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