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Moonstone Agate Popsocket 3

Moonstone Agate Popsocket 3

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Phone Model

Our Moonstone Agate Popsockets are smooth and glossy with a gold metallic edge. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade and unique. 

Our Popsockets are compatible with any iPhone or Samsung case and are extremely high quality with a premium feel. We offer express delivery across UAE.

About the Stone

The cream moonstone crystal glows with the softest hues of the night sky. Its creamy white and shimmering silver/beige shades reflect the radiance of a bright, starry night. Cream Crystals like this bring a gentle warmth that soothes the soul and radiates peace and tranquility.

Moonstone has a long history of being connected to intuition and spiritual healing. It is a divine feminine power stone, helping us unlock our inner wisdom and feel a sense of divine guidance. By harnessing the lunar energy of the moonstone, we can tap into our creative potential and let go of deep-seated emotions or stress that is blocking us from achieving harmony in life and using our intuitive powers for guidance. With cream-colored moonstones, you can help soothe the soul and provide strength when you need it the most.

Together with Pearl and Alexandrite, Moonstone is crowned as the June birthstone.



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