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Hanakago (Bamboo Weave) 3D Case

Hanakago (Bamboo Weave) 3D Case

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This is the third installment in a series we're calling Origins. It of course has nothing to do with the X-Men comic series.

Although it is a traditional art form, the art of Japanese bamboo weaving and plaiting is still a living tradition, with master craftsmen taking years of study and practical experience to come up with stunning creations that defy the known stiffness of bamboo. The Japanese mastered the art of bamboo weaving to make baskets, traditionally used for storing rice, harvesting tea and carrying sake. Later the use was extended, and made part of Ikebana, with the bamboo basketry for flower arrangements being called “hanakago.”

Hanakago is a reflection of Japanese creativity and talent in turning basketry into an art form that became an integral part of their cultural heritage.

Hanakago is not about creating ordinary baskets. It is more like creating sculptural pieces, showing the weaver’s control over its medium. Bamboo is known for being straight, coarse and stiff, yet in the hands of a master weaver, it could be shaped into something undulating and curvaceous, which challenges conventional basketry. Hanakago makers also carefully choose other natural materials in different colors and design to create a wonderful interplay and union of materials, to come up with something truly magnificent, complex and creative.

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