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Amethyst Agate Popsocket 2

Amethyst Agate Popsocket 2

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Phone Model

Our Amethyst Agate Popsockets are smooth and glossy with a gold metallic edge. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade and unique. 

Our Popsockets are compatible with any iPhone or Samsung case and are extremely high quality with a premium feel. We offer express delivery across UAE.

About the Stone

This revered gemstone has been cherished for centuries, not only for its beauty, but also for its powerful healing properties. Its captivating beauty and remarkable healing properties make amethyst a sought-after gemstone for those seeking inner peace, spiritual growth, and protection from negative energies.

Amethyst is known for its strong connection to spirituality and its ability to provide clarity and insight. It is believed to help with anxiety, depression, clear the mind, wash away toxic thinking, encourage solid sleep patterns, and ease tension and headaches. Physically, amethyst is known to bolster the immune system, reduce tension and headaches, and promote restful sleep. Mentally, its effects include alleviating worries and fears, encouraging clear thinking, and trusting one’s intuition.

The Dark shade of Amethyst is believed to have the capacity to grant us clear vision into the future, offering potent foresight and augmenting our ability to anticipate potential outcomes of our decisions.

The Amethyst is crowned as the February birthstone.



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