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Shloka by Yamini Sharma

Shloka painted by Yamini Sharma is a painting on shloka (verse from a song in sanskrit) which talks about six limbs of a painting. This sholka basically talks about the fact that if form, color, shape, similarity and composition are correct a good artwork is born (rupabhaeda pramanani bhav lavanya yojnam, sadrishya varnika bahang, iti chitr shadagam).

Yamini Sharma is an extremely talented artist based in Rajasthan, India. She is highly skilled in traditional miniatures and experiments with different...

The Lord's Prayer by Jerry John

“Jerry has a natural ability to transform abstract visualizations of an outstanding user experience into an art form, which we often refer to as an efficiently performing product. He is always one step ahead of the curve in converting the unreal into the real." - Craig E

Stay tuned for more amazing designs from Jerry John.

Price: $ 27.00 (AED...

I Throw the Parties by Jordan Traynor

Jordan Traynor, is an award winning designer from the UK. Studying design for most of his career, his designs have been refined over the years and vary from clothes to furniture and graphic design. His clothing graphics aim to replicate the playful 'innerself'.

Actual Price: $ 32.00 (AED 119)

*Available for FREE delivery to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE (we do not ship outside UAE for the moment).

**Use your credit card/debit card to make this purchase...

CHEnnai to CHEndigarh

Akash Hans lives in Bangalore and his work delves mostly in visual communication. 

He is a slave to visual and aural stimuli and he is partial to button-fly pants, BIC lighters and making GIFs.

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Atul S. Pande is an extremely talented freelance graphic designer by profession. He specializes in illustration, branding and graphic design. He works for advertising and design industries in India and abroad. His passions are trekking, travelling and exploring new and exciting possibilities. 

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