Shloka by Yamini Sharma

Shloka painted by Yamini Sharma is a painting on shloka (verse from a song in sanskrit) which talks about six limbs of a painting. This sholka basically talks about the fact that if form, color, shape, similarity and composition are correct a good artwork is born (rupabhaeda pramanani bhav lavanya yojnam, sadrishya varnika bahang, iti chitr shadagam).

Yamini Sharma is an extremely talented artist based in Rajasthan, India. She is highly skilled in traditional miniatures and experiments with different techniques of art in an Art school of Baroda. Her interests are assorted and her designs are often an orderly juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary to create a new vernacular in art. Through her works, she tries to bridge the two worlds of tradition and modernity. She loves to explore new mediums of artistic expressions and plays on with her creativity and skills.

Price: $ 32.00 (AED 119)

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